At SpeakGlobal, we are committed to helping you succeed across borders and cultures by arming you with the necessary intercultural skills and by attending to your linguistic needs.

We serve the needs of a variety of individuals such as:

  • Local national/international presenters around the world
  • International business travelers
  • Expatriates/short-term assignees and their spouses
  • Local national/international employees of global organizations
  • Multicultural domestic/international teams
  • Multicultural Families/Couples
  • Educators

Our delivery formulas consist of consulting, coaching, training, lectures and keynotes.

Our global services also include global and localized speechwriting, text editing, translation, voice-over, accent reduction and language instruction.

Experienced and knowledgeable in the variety of intercultural challenges, and aware of the uniqueness of every situation, we provide all services on a highly customized, personal and friendly basis, which has earned us long-term relationships and a referral-based clientele.

The following are a few of our prestigious clients: BP Solar, Amoco, Total-Energie, HSBC, Citrix Systems, French Consulate in Miami, Miss Universe, UNESCO, SELA (Latin American Economic System), French Embassy in Caracas, Alliance Française, Venevisión, Alter Producciones Cinematográficas, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Toastmasters International.
What sets worlds
in motion is the interplay of differences,
their attractions
and repulsions;
life is plurality,
death is uniformity.

~ Octavio Paz ~
A Message from Florence Ferreira
Founder and Director of SpeakGlobal

Intercultural competency is your passport to success in today’s global scene.

Whether you...
  • are assigned for a position abroad,
  • need to negotiate an international contract,
  • need to address a diverse audience,
  • expect to work successfully and frustration-free with your multicultural team, or
  • wish to improve your communication
             with your foreign spouse,

you need intercultural competency!